ERC Starting grant, grant agreement No. 713780

The ERC funded Early starter grant “Pho-T-Lyze” targets for solutions of a main problem in the Terahertz range: important tools for component and circuit characterization are highly expensive below 1 THz and barely existent above 1 THz. Electronic systems such as vector network analyzers or spectrum analyzers become exponentially more expensive the higher the frequency. They are further limited in bandwidth to ~50% of the center frequency because frequency extender chains have to be used. Several bands are therefore required to scan frequencies between 100 GHz and 1 THz. Photonic systems offer bandwidths of several THz with a single system at a fraction of the costs of their electronic counterparts. We therefore aim for the development of photonic, circuit-compatible vector network analyzers (PVNAs) and photonic spectrum analyzers (PSA). These systems will be based on telecom-wavelength compatible photomixer technology that works at room temperature.


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